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September 26th, 2017 - Dana Williams – Conversations in The Beauty Shop

18 years old and fresh out of beauty school, Hannah has dreamed of this day for as long as she can remember. She always loved people and has always loved messing with hair so it seemed the perfect job for her. When she gets a job offer in a small mountain town called Tall Pines, New Mexico, she packs up and moves in with her friend, Juanita and her son, Jack. As she begins this new chapter in her life, Hannah is plagued by self-doubt.

Hannah grows from her time in the beauty shop as it changes her perspective and attitude. The friends she has acquired share life lessons with her that help shape her into the woman she is becoming. After spending years working on her clientele, making lifelong friends, and building up her reputation in a small town, Hannah finally makes her dream come true when she opens her own Beauty shop with the intent to provide a safe place for people to come to feel cared for and loved.

Hannah finally finds love and while at one point it ends in heartbreak after discovering the man of her dreams still has feelings for his clingy ex-girlfriend, they were able to reconcile years later and start a family.

The Beauty Shop has healing powers for just about anything.