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April 5, 2018 – Marissa Gibson – Fun 4 All Activity Book: Inspires Creativity & Cures Boredom


This unique activity book is more than just fun activities compiled in a book; it is a creative challenge from one child to another. Marissa Gibson, just 9 years old (Jenn’s daughter), has spent hours creating and choosing activities she hopes other children will enjoy doing as much as she does. The activities include Emoji’s, Colouring pages, Word activities, Cryptogram, Analogies, Math Art, Mazes, Drawing, Writing, DIY Projects, Recipes and more. Some activities will expand your imagination, some will challenge your mind, some explore feelings and emotions, some encourage you to think outside the box, and some are simply a cure for boredom.

Given Marissa’s love of animals and children in need, she has also chosen to donate a percentage of the proceeds from the book sales to her local animal shelter (Georgina Animal Shelter) and to The Literary Fairies. 

P.S. April 5th is Marissa’s 10th birthday so if we can help her become a bestseller on that day, it will be a birthday gift she will always remember!