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September 12, 2017 – Anca Dumitrescu – Journey, An Outlined Path to Fulfillment

How many times in our lives do we have to fall down the same hole before understanding that we can take another way?

Success and happiness do not happen by accident. People create their own success by choosing their thoughts and actions. My goal with this book is to help you understand how you can take control and achieve your goals.  I can tell you how, but I cannot do it for you.

This book is  about accomplishing whatever you want. You can do it because it is all in your power! You already have a great deal of wisdom, deep inside of you. What this book gives you is the map for your journey, a path that leads you to your very own treasure – your fulfillment.

This is your journey and I am just your humble guide. I am so happy and grateful that you have chosen to take this trip with me. Enjoy the journey to the life of your dreams!"