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March 20th , 2018 - Tom Ramsey – Slaying the Giants: The ABCs to Stop a Bully

Thousands and thousands of students are bullied each year. When Tom Ramsey first heard the statistics, he was shocked. Although he had experienced his own traumatic situations with bullies, he hadn’t realized that it was a global phenomenon. 

To Ramsey, bullying isn’t merely an international trend but an international health problem. People all over

the world are being victimized, and few have the tools needed to fight back.
But “fighting back” doesn’t mean giving a punch for a punch. It simply means finding peaceful ways to solve problems and resolve conflicts. 

Ramsey used his own background with bullies to create a three-step process that can keep you in control of a bad situation and help you diffuse it before it can become worse. 

By practicing the ABCs, you can send your bully scrambling and help other kids in similar situations!