New York Times Bestseller

Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson  - The Shadow Effect

"Judy O'Beirn and her team at Hasmark Services are by far the best in the online book marketing business. In all my years of launching eight books, four of them New York Times bestsellers, I have never encountered the likes of Hasmark Services. They are hard-working, professional, wise and committed, and I cannot recommend them highly enough for anybody who wants to have a successful book launch. They are the epitome of excellence and professionalism.  Hire them."

- Debbie Ford , co-author of The Shadow Effect, NY Times Bestseller

New York Times Bestseller

Deepak Chopra - Muhammad

"You're the best! Love and thanks for getting the book on the New York Times bestseller list"

- Deepak Chopra, NY Times bestseller


New York Times Bestseller

Marci Shimoff, Love for No Reason

"Woo-hoo!! We did it. Thanks to your extraordinary support, Love for No Reason debuted at… (drum–roll please) #3 on the New York Times Bestseller List! Fabulous, fantastic, and phenomenal. I am thrilled."

--Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

New York Times Bestseller

Marci Shimoff, Happy for No Reason

"Judy O'Beirn and her entire team bring their hearts and souls to every project to create extraordinary marketing campaigns.  Thanks to their tremendous expertise and enthusiasm, the paperback version of Happy for No Reason hit the New York Times bestseller list 3 weeks in a row.  They were an absolute delight to work with, and I am thrilled with the fantastic results they’ve produced."

            --Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

New York Times Bestseller

Judith Orloff MD, Emotional Freedom

Thanks to Judy and her lovely amazing team for helping Emotional Freedom hit the New York Times Bestseller list!



New York Times Bestseller

Peggy McColl, Your Destiny Switch

"Judy O'Beirn and the Heart and Soul Marketing Team have launched multiple best seller promotional campaigns for my books and EVERY single one resulted in international best sellers!  They are simply THE best in the world at online book promotion.  Their commitment to excellence is refreshing and best of all, it produces extraordinary results.  I highly recommend Judy and her dynamic team. "

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling  Author of
Your Destiny Switch

New York Times Bestseller

Gregg Braden, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

in co-ordination with Hay House Publishing

Thank you for your continued support and your participation in Gregg Braden’s recent book launch of The Spontaneous Healing of Belief.  With your help, Gregg’s book hit #12 on the New York Times Bestseller list!


New York Times Bestseller

Jerry & Esther Hicks, Money and the Law of Attraction

in co-ordination with Hay House Publishing at

We so appreciate your role in making our latest book, Money, and the Law of Attraction, #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list

New York Times Bestseller

Janet Bray Attwood & Chris Attwood, The Passion Test

"The secret is out ... To ensure a successful email campaign when launching your book, turn to the amazing talent of Judy O’Beirn at www.hasmarkservices.coml!"

New York Times Bestseller

Roxanne Emmerich - Thank God It's Monday

Absolutely work with Judy. She is amazing, she does what she says she’s going to do and more. There are always a few partners in life that make your life so easy and great….she’s one of those. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been amazing and I’m so loving your continued effort. You absolutely rock!!!!!” 

New York Times Bestseller

Cynthia Sass - CINCH!

#3 on the New York Times Bestseller list

New York Times

The Call of Sedona, Journey of the Heart  - Ilchi Lee

 " Thank you Hasmark Services and all of our partners that made this result possible!  #2 on the NY Times bestseller list and #128 on the USA Today bestseller list"

- Ilchi Lee, The Call of Sedona, Journey of the Heart

International Bestseller

Arielle Ford - Wabi Sabi Love

"Thank you for once again partnering with me for a brilliant and successful book launch for Wabi Sabi Love.  I am thrilled with the results as is my publisher, Harper One!"

- Arielle Ford

International Bestseller

Barbara Marx Hubbard – Birth 2012 and Beyond

"What an evolutionary adventure we have embarked upon!  Building the Birth 2012 campaign has been the fulfillment of my life work.  Your support of it through promoting the Birth 2012 and Beyond book has filled my heart with gratitude.

We reached #4 on Amazon and #1 in Personal Transformation at the high point of the campaign
day, which really required the co-creative support of all of you!  I spoke with my grandson, who works in publishing and he was simply astonished by his Grandma!

You have done a wonderful service to help in this campaign towards birthing a new era. I hope that you are blessed many times over as a result!

I look forward to seeing you in person while on tour or in the future to give you my personal, heartfelt gratitude for your support.  It's an incredible thing for me, an 82-year-old woman, to feel like I'm giving my best gifts now.  And I couldn't do it without your support and partnership."

- Barbara  Marx Hubbard 

International Bestseller

Jack Canfield & William Gladstone - The Golden Motorcycle Gang

" It has been a pleasure working with Hasmark Services on  the best seller campaign for The Golden Motorcycle Gang. Everyone at Hasmark is a delight to deal with and they  demonstrate a level of professionalism which guarantees the  maximum success  in contacting  and  creating partners for their campaigns. I highly recommend their services and know you will enjoy working with them."

- William Gladstone,co-author THE GOLDEN MOTORCYCLE GANG , author of THE TWELVE, producer of the film TAPPING THE SOURCE

International Bestseller

Judith Orloff, MD - The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life

The team at Hasmark is wonderful! Thank you for giving my book The Ecstasy of Surrender such an incredible send off into the world!

- Judith Orloff MD, New York Times bestselling Author

International Bestseller

Arielle Ford - The Soulmate Secret (Paperback)

"Thanks to the extremely talented team of Hasmark Services my book reached #1 on 7 bestseller lists at and made it to #11 at The results have exceeded my expectations and made me a very happy bestselling author!"

- Arielle Ford


International Bestseller

Boni Lonnsburry – The Map

"My experience with Hasmark for the launch of my book, “The Map – To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True” has been nothing short of wonderful.

Not only did my book receive bestseller status, but international status as well! Judy and the wonderful team she has assembled, handled the launch beautifully, and even came to my rescue when the parts I was “supposed” to handle proved to be too much for my staff.

Their professionalism, warmth and dedication to my launch were simply top notch. I am now writing my next book and Hasmark will handle that launch as well (only ALL the pieces from the start this time!).

I recommend Hasmark unequivocally. They are experts in this business!"

 - Boni Lonnsburry

 Micheline Nader - The Dolphin's Dance

"Judy O'Beirn and the Hasmark Services team were not only a pleasure to work with but they achieved great results! With their help, I went from a first-time author to an international best seller. From a thorough interview at the start of the process, they were able to develop marketing materials that dramatically boosted my launch. I would highly recommend Hasmark Services to bring your book to the next level!"

~ Micheline Nader, International bestselling
author of The Dolphin's Dance

International Bestseller

Terry Wahls, M.D. - The Wahls Protocol

"Thank you Hasmark team for your dedication, hard work and passion.  Thank you for excellent expertise in marketing, copy writing and design work to make for an excellent and effective campaign. With your help The Wahls Protocol was a Publisher's Weekly Bestseller and an international bestseller."

- Terry Wahls MD 

International Bestseller

Daniel Parmeggiani – The Magnificent Truths

"I really enjoyed working with Hasmark Services on the best seller campaign for "The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence." Everyone at Hasmark was courteous and professional and they delivered great results for my book, as it became an Amazon international bestseller. I highly recommend their services."

- Daniel Parmeggiani

International Bestseller

Robert Bloch author of My Warren Buffett Bible

"I am absolutely AMAZED at how well my book has sold around the world-especially Germany!!!    And now it will also be published in German and Japanese.   Thank you so much for all your hard work.   You are true marketing masters!   I never in a million years would have thought my simple little book would have been so successful! "

 - Robert Bloch

International Bestseller

Judy Fridono - Ricochet

"Thank you to Hasmark for helping to launch my book Ricochet. It went to #46 on Amazon's best seller list within 12 hours! As Ricochet would say... Paw-abunga!"

 - Judy Fridono

International Bestseller

 Robert Pascuzzi – The Ravine

"A heart felt "Thank You" for your tremendous efforts in making my first book launch a success! Judy, I found your team to be very diligent, professional, and responsive in preparing for the launch - most importantly the day of the launch. I would highly recommend the team at Hasmark to anyone looking to promote their book and expand their reach - well done Hasmark!! "

- Robert Pascuzzi Author of "The Ravine Book" |

International Bestseller

Barb Schmidt - The Practice

"Thank you to the entire Hasmark team for making my book launch a success.  Your expertise, dedication and enthusiasm were amazing.  With your help, The Practice is an international Amazon best seller. "

- Barb Schmidt author of The Practice

International Bestseller

Pisey Leng ~ The Wisdom Seeker

"Thank You and your wonderful team at Hasmark Services. All that I have achieved for the launch of my book could not be possible without your help and expertise."

~ Pisey Leng, International Bestselling author of The Wisdom Seeker

International Bestseller

Emmanuel Dagher - Easy Breezy Miracle

"It has been an absolute privilege to collaborate with Judy and her amazing team on the book launch of my first book Easy Breezy Miracle. Their dedication and attention to detail goes beyond the call of duty, and I am deeply grateful for their support.If you would like to open up the doors to getting your message out through your book, I highly recommend you connect with the team at Hasmark and allow them to support you in making your dreams come true! "

- Emmanuel Dagher, Best-Selling Author & Transformation Specialist

#1 Bestseller

Cynthia Thaik - Your Vibrant Heart

"Judy O'Beirn and her team at Hasmark Services were nothing less than phenomenal.  They worked diligently on my campaign with the precision of a finely tuned machine.  Their human touch, hand holding, and guidance to this first time author were more than worth their price in gold.  By far, my engagement with Hasmark Services was the best investment I made, not only because of the Amazon #1 Best Seller status that I achieved, but also because of the calm and peace that they afforded me in the weeks leading up to my publication date.  My heartfelt THANKS to Judy and all the members of her team"

- Cynthia Thaik, author, Your Vibrant Heart

International Bestseller

Jeffrey Chappell - Answers from Silence

“What these people do is incredible. Working with Hasmark Services is so easy and fulfilling. And when they took over the marketing of my book, the results just skyrocketed! Thanks to them, I am an International Best Selling Author. All my gratitude goes to Hasmark Services!”

- Jeffrey Chappell, author of Answers From Silence, Amazon Bestseller

International Bestseller

Jack Daly – Hyper Sales Growth

“A sincere THANK YOU to Hasmark Services! The entire Hasmark team played a huge part in allowing me to check another item off my bucket list. I am now an International Amazon best-selling author, and I couldn’t have done it without the strategies from Hasmark Services.”

– Jack Daly

International Bestseller

Tara Taylor & Lorna Schultz Nicholson - Through Indigo's Eyes

"Working with Hasmark for our viral launch was such a blessing. Not only did they help us achieve Amazon International Best Seller the day of our launch,
they also were amazing team to work with. I am forever grateful for each one of them in the Hasmark team as they made our viral launch such a success"

- Tara Taylor;  HayHouse Co Author of "Through Indigo's Eyes", Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Expert in the connection between ego and intuition.

International Bestseller

Dr. Jane Simington PhD. - Through Souls Eyes

"It was a pleasure working with the members of the Hasmark Team. We have really enjoyed working with the different members of the team, finding each member enthusiastic and truly skilled at what they do. With the help of their team Through Souls Eyes: Reinventing a Life of Joy and Promise reached international best seller status. Thank you Hasmark Services so much for all you each have done to make the launch a success. I look forward to working with you again soon. "

Dr. Jane Simington PhD.

International Bestseller

Oola - Dr. Dave Braun & Dr. Troy Amdahl

"A message not properly marketed goes unheard.  Thank you Hasmark for adding the key missing marketing component to help us share our message and reach International Best Seller status." 

Dr. Dave Braun & Dr. Troy Amdahl
"The Oola Guys"

International Bestseller

Superhealing - Elaine R. Ferguson, MD

"I was very fortunate to discover Hasmark Services, prior to the release of my book, Superhealing.  It was a Godsend! Judy and her staff provided stellar services, in a consistently timely and professional manner.  Plus they are wonderful people to work with.  Hasmark helped my book to become an immediate international bestseller.  My only regret is that I'll have to wait until my sequel is written to work with them again. Thank you all for everything!"

Elaine R. Ferguson, MD

International Bestseller

Rob White – And Then I Met Margaret

The “Amazon Best Seller: list - now that is what I call – Mission Accomplished.  Judy O’beirn and her Hasmark Services team got the job done and got it done right.  They made my dream their dream, and then went to work to make that dream come true. It took dedication, high intention, determination, and focused execution to bring my aspiration to reality.  Thank you, from my heart, for making it happen.

Rob White

International Bestseller

Cathleen O'Connor PhD – High Heels on the Hamster Wheel

Hiring Hasmark Services was the best thing I could have done.  Judy O’Beirn has a group of top-notch professionals who handle every aspect of marketing and promotion.  From writing sales copy to setting up the webpage to the follow-up on the day of the launch, they are amazing!  Best of all as an author you feel supported by a group of people as vested in your success as you are.  Just the best!!

Cathleen O’Connor, PhD, author
High Heels on the Hamster Wheel

Jerome "Jay" Isip - 10 Stacks To Success

The teamwork is amazing, on the first day of my book release we became an Amazon #1 Best Seller! Thank you all for making my promotion a SUCCESS!

 Jerome "Jay" Isip - 10 Stacks To Success,
#1 Amazon Best Seller


Witness to Fitness - Donna Richardson Joyner

"Thank you ever so much for your kind support and effort to make my e-book, Witness to Fitness a best seller. I could not have accomplished my goal without you. Thank you once again for making one of my dreams come true.  May God continue to shower you with His sweet blessings."

Donna Richardson Joyner

International Bestseller

Janet Poole - How to Get Anything You Want - Just Like That!

"Hasmark put their utmost into my launch from start to finish, so working with them was an absolute pleasure. HASmark are experts in their field and handled every part of my launch brilliantly. Importantly for me, it meant I could relax knowing they would manage everything with professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication. The final result was most impressive - I’d recommend HASmark to anyone who wants both peace of mind and a successful book launch. "

Janet Poole, Author

International Bestseller

Jean LaMantia, RD – The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide & Cookbook

"The Hasmark team was super to work with! Judy, Jenn, Rosemary and Yvonne are very organized and professional. They have a great system that means they can be super efficient and effective. I would recommend Hasmark for your Best Seller book campaign."

Jean LaMantia

International Best Selling Author of The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide and Cookbook

International Bestseller

Dominique Perregaux - A Taste for Intensity

"Hasmark Services made a fantastic job in making Dominique Perregaux’s A Taste for Intensity an International Best Seller. We are extremely thankful to Judy O’Beirn, Yvonne Higham and the whole Hasmark’s team to have succeeded beyond our expectations."

Dominique Perregaux

International Bestseller

James McCullough - Rode to Recovery

"Thank you Hasmark Services for making Rode to Recovery an international bestseller. I appreciate all your hard work and professionalism. "  

James McCullough

International Bestseller

Sandy Alemian – What was God Thinking?

"Wow is the first word that comes to mind when working with Hasmark. They took my book, What was God Thinking?! from a local pretty-good selling book, to international best-seller status (hitting #1 in Self-help on I was so very impressed by not only the professionalism of the entire team...but by their level of caring service during each phase of the campaign. No detail was left untouched. If you want your book to be noticed by the world...Hasmark will get the job done!"

Sandy Alemian
International best-selling author :)

International Bestseller

Riz Virk - Zen Entrepreneurship  

"Hasmark Services helped Zen Entrepreneurship  reach international bestseller status in 5 countries and in multiple categories.  Thanks to you and your team for a very successful launch!"

-Riz Virk

International Bestseller

David Scharps - The Cure Is….

"Recently Hasmark Services helped me with the launch of my film, the Cure Is...(YOU). What an incredible experience on so many levels!

Judy O'Brien leads a highly professional organization of passionate people who take every task to the highest level of professionalism. But beyond professionalism is something that is very hard to find in our business world today, PASSION.

There is no value for passion and the results that emanates from putting one's heart into a project or mission. In the case of Hasmark, I have never witnessed so much passion coming from every aspect of the organization. Passion is the intangible we all look for in whatever we are doing and one thing you can bank on with Hasmark is that everyone's heart will be in the project.

What I do know is that it so much of it comes from the top down, starting with Judy.

Thank you for the beautiful and inspired work your organization creates!

I am ready for my next campaign!

- David Scharps

International Bestseller

Dr. Joe Rubino – 31 Ways to Champion Children to Develop High Self-Esteem: An Empowerment Guidebook for Parents, Teachers & Others

"Thank you Hasmark Services so much for all you each have done to make my launch a success.
You all are the best and I appreciate all your great efforts on my behalf. The book reached international bestseller
status, including #1 in Educational Psychology and Parent Participation.  I have enjoyed working with you and
look forward to continuing to do so long into the future!"

- Dr Joe Rubino - Winner of our 1st "Ultimate Partner Appreciation Contest"

International Bestseller

Janice L. Walker, Esq. – Womens & Lemons

“Judy and the Hasmark Team made something happen that I never dreamt of until recently. I stumbled onto her website completely by accident and have never looked back. Once the Campaign began, it was less than 40 days later that the results were in. This is my first book and it became an #1 Amazon Best Seller, National Bestseller, and an International Best Seller (Best Seller in two countries) ! Hasmark Services are totally exceptional and outstanding!!!  They are like family to me now, and they do what they say they will do. They are responsive, thorough, extremely personable, and answer each and every question that you may have. "

- Janice L. Walker, Esq. – Womens & Lemons
#1 Amazon Bestseller
Amazon National Bestseller
International Bestseller

International Bestseller

Cari L. Murphy - Treasures of Heaven

"I want to thank each and every team member from Hasmark for their unwavering support through every step of the bestseller process! Each team member played a special role and enhanced the overall experience with their knowledge, attention and expertise. I am grateful for the experience and thrilled that Hasmark supported me in creating an INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER! I would recommend their services to anyone seeking a quality, highly professional team that will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goal of seeing your book impact lives around the world. I have Hasmark to thank for maximizing my reach and increasing my exposure to the world, for this contributed to the immense global success I've experienced with my book, TREASURES OF HEAVEN: LESSONS FROM THE OTHER SIDE. From the depths of my heart, I thank you ALL!"

-Cari L. Murphy

International Bestseller

James O'Dea - Cultivating Peace

“I am humbled that so much support has rallied around Cultivating Peace. You have helped this book give voice to a new peace movement. We need more than ever to cultivate peace to bring about the whole person whole system transformation the world needs in this time of upheaval. Thank you.”

– James O'Dea , author,Cultivating Peace

International Bestseller

Jan Schwartz, PhD. – Last  Summer With Oscar

"The wonderful Judy O'Beirn and her fantastic Hasmark Team are gifted and talented, high-energy professionals who will help you create the book launch of your dreams!

This is a place where ideas thrive and work ethic is chic... their knowledge and keen understanding of the promotional world is tremendous.

They will travel with you on a journey that will leave an imprint on your heart forever...  

I am so glad I trusted them with Oscar's story as it is now an International Bestseller!"

- Jan Schwartz, PhD

Visit Jan's Website.

International Bestseller

Connie Bennett - Beyond Sugar Shock

“Judy, Sandy, Jenn and everyone else at Hasmark Services, thank you very much for your amazing work, which helped make my second book, Beyond Sugar Shock, become an international bestseller. You’re incredibly accomplished and adept at pulling together the many elements that need to come together for a successful book launch. I’m thrilled that Beyond Sugar Shock hit # 1 in France in 6 categories (merci beaucoup!) and topped lists in the United Kingdom and Germany, too. And how exciting that Beyond Sugar Shock reached #2 in the U.S. and # 1 in Canada in Hot New Releases in Healthy Living. I’m grateful to you for your diligence and dedication to enabling me to reach and help people around the world to achieve Sugar Freedom.”

– Connie Bennett, author, Beyond Sugar Shock and Sugar Shock

International Bestseller

Robin Sharma - The Leader Who Had No Title

“Judy and her Hasmark team are superb. Highly responsive and highly professional. A pleasure to work with.”

- Robin Sharma, #1 bestselling author of
The Leader Who Had No Title


International Bestseller

Henry Evans, - The Hour A Day Entrepreneur

"Everyone wants to be a best-seller. But, exactly HOW to do it remains a mystery for most. That's where I was not too long ago but I asked several friends and best-selling authors who they recommended and everyone pointed to Hasmark. I hired them and they successfully pushed my new book, "The Hour A Day Entrepreneur", to #1 on the Amazon bestseller list for my category. They were easy to deal with, operated without needing to be micro-managed, and got me the results I was looking for. Thank you!" 

 - Henry Evans, Author, #1 Amazon bestseller, "The Hour A Day Entrepreneur"

International Bestseller

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini - The Power of Self Healing

"Thank you Hasmark for making The Power of Self-Healing an international and national bestseller. Your team was fabulous to work with and I look forward to many book launches in the future." 

- Dr. Fabrizio Mancini- Author of The Power of Self-Healing


Danielle Joworsk1 - The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls

“Many thanks to both of you for all of your support, guidance and continual feedback as I moved through this process.  Your assistance and expertise was appreciated.  I hope to be working with you both again in the new future.”

- Danielle Joworski, International Best-Selling Author of The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls

Rebecca Crownover - Amazon Best Seller & Award Winning Children's Book Author

Choose Hasmark for your Best Seller Campaign

"If you are trying to choose someone to help you with a best seller campaign for your book, look no further.  Hasmark is who you want.  I am so glad that I chose Hasmark to run a best seller for my children's book, Texas Farm Girl: Reap What You Sow.  They have their campaign processes efficiently designed with some of the best and most friendly professional resources.  They stayed on top of their deadlines to produce well-written campaign materials and a professionally designed website.  Not only was the design of the campaign first class, but their communication with me through the entire process exceeded my expectations.  Hasmark is a service you can trust that is on top of their business and stands behind their commitment to you.  I am so thankful to have worked with Hasmark.  The success of my best seller campaign with them has launched my children's book into a large number of opportunities not only for my book, but as an Author.  Thank you Hasmark for all you do!"

- Rebecca Crownover - Amazon Best Seller & Award Winning Children's Book Author

International Bestseller

Dr. Rick Junnila - An Elf Named Finley

"If your intention is to get your book ranked as a bestseller in order to launch your career or attain the status of recognition as a “Bestselling Author” - look no further than Hasmark.  I was an unknown, first time author, with absolutely no reputation as an expert regarding the subject of my book.  Hasmark literally walked me through the process of becoming a bestseller.  My book was ranked at almost number 3 million just before Hasmark took over and within 24 hours I was a Bestselling Author ranked at number 7 on Amazon!  I love this group of people, they are both professional and caring... and I highly recommend them."

- Dr. Rick Junnila
Bestselling Author of “An Elf Named Finley

International Bestseller

Terezia Farkas – Heart of Love Evolution

THANK YOU GALS FOR THE AWESOME, AMAZING JOB YOU ALL DID!! Colin also for the beautiful landing page and bonus page.

I had the best time yesterday! Not only am I a bestselling author, but it was fun watching the numbers go up all night.
I really couldn't have done it without Hasmark. I learned a lot about marketing from Peggy McColl and owe her for
introducing me to Hasmark.  On my own the enormity of the task was overwhelming me.

One has to at times embrace the help of others to make life easier and more enjoyable. You gals are angels!
Thank you!

- Terezia Farkas


Kathy Hill - Is God's Hand on your Business?

The team at Hasmark Services did an exceptional job in getting my book to a #1 best seller at Amazon, in spite of some initial challenges with my book distributor which caused a one day delay in getting the books in stock.  Nevertheless, Hasmark did not abandon their efforts and made another effort which succeeded beyond all our expectations.  I highly recommend them if you are looking to have your book ranked in the top 100.  They go above and beyond the call of duty.

- Kathy Hill


Denise Kahn, Peace of Music

"The team at Hasmark Services is like a symphony.  Judy, the Maestro, to Yvonne, Rosemary, Jenn and all the ladies from the various sections, bring forth their individual talents to make a book launch a wonderful experience.  They are incomparably professional and dedicated, with great attention to detail, but best of all a piece of their heart guides them to bring your writing to a bestseller crescendo.  It was a pleasure working with such a perfectly tuned team!"

- Denise Kahn


Philip Hellmich - God and Conflict

"I personally want to thank you for helping make God and Conflict a bestseller.  Molly sang your praises constantly and I heard from many friends who participated that they were impressed with your warm and efficient follow-up. 

It is a dream come true to have God and Conflict out in the world.  "

~ Philip M. Hellmich
Director of Peace
The Summer of Peace 2012


Dr. Atul N. Shah, the AmazingAllergist

"As an author, when I was looking for resources to help me spread my message to empower allergic children, I was thrilled to connect with Judy O'Beirn and her exceptional teams at OneResource and Hasmark Services. The expertise and all the resources they have provided have helped me become the Best Selling Author, elevated my platform and expanded my mission. They are truly dedicated to client's success. I strongly recommend their services."

- Atul N. Shah, MD, FACAAI, FAAAAI; Best Selling Author: "Allergies, and Awesome You"; Founder:


Gregory Nicholas Malouf - Silent

"Thank you so very much for all your help and support on the campaign for my book. At a first time author, I was overcome with delight by all the mailings and outreach all of you did to get the message of healing, peace and abundance out in the universe.

I appreciate your efforts more than you know"

- Gregory Nicholas Malouf


Ron McElroy – Wrong Side of the Tracks

"Both Ron and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work and expertise that went into this campaign. Like a beautiful orchestra, each of you played an integral part in crafting, producing and executing a successful outcome. We are so pleased to not only realize the goal but to have had the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of talent. Perhaps one day we will meet in person and share a laugh together...we hope!"

- Ron McElroy and Becky Beattie


Marion Zola - Romancing the Dog

"I cannot thank you enough for your participation in my Book Launch and giving me such wonderful support on September 12th.  Thanks to you and the other partners, my book hit the Amazon Bestseller list.  I hope that you enjoy the book and have great success with your own organization (or business.) "

- Marion  Zola, bestselling author of Romancing the Dog





Walt Lewis – Happenchance

“Hasmark Services launching of my book, “Happenchance”, ‘worked like a charm’.   Indeed, its creative staff treasured and measured my book campaign delightfully.   The collaborative charm of its staff awaits you too.   Its jointly ventured book campaigns are entertaining, and educating readers the world over. You will 'happen' to love it, if you give Hasmark Services a 'chance'!”

- Cheers, Walt Lewis

International Bestseller

Lyndelle Palmer Clarke  - Dailygreatness Journal: A Practical Guide For Consciously Creating Your Days

To the wonderful team at Hasmark,

"What an amazing team of women you are! From beginning to end, I've been impressed with your  dedication, professionalism and attention to detail. My launch was a great success and I thank you  so much for helping make it happen. Best wishes and thanks again."

- Lyndelle
Author of INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING BOOK Dailygreatness Journal



RD Riccoboni - The Big Picture

"I would like to express my deep gratitude, many thanks, and appreciation to my friends and colleagues as well as the Hasmark family who assisted me in this wonderful endeavour and bringing The Big Picture the Seven step Guide for creative Success in Business out and into the world. You have made a difference not only in my life but in the lives of others in sharing how living creatively is the highest of the Arts and can make our world a better place."

- RD "Randy" Riccoboni

Jacqueline Ripstein –The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power & Awareness

"Thank you for supporting my Book, a Book that has a purpose and a Mission. In this times of changes this Book: The Art of HealingArt will be a guide, to awaken people into the truth of our Light essence, helping release the vision on darkness, letting go of the "Maya" by recognizing the Truth of who we are. "

- Jacqueline Ripstein, Fine Artist & Author, Art Healing Pioneer & World Peace Envoy - United Nations ECOSOC representative of the International Association of Educators for World Peace.


Letty Chihoro - Loving Me

"I was so impressed and moved by the way in which you went out to promote my book and to support me as an author. I am truly grateful.  Thank you so much for everything that you, Yvonne, Jenn, Rosemary and and the rest of your team have done to promote my book. I'm pleasantly stunned by the outcome. I found you all to be highly professional, efficient, focused and yet friendly. It was an absolute pleasure working with you." 

- Letty Chihoro

Dr T.F. Lewis – The Christian Manifesto

"Thank you, Hasmark for guiding me through the process of launching 'The Christian Manifesto: A Provocative Perspective on Protestantism'! All of  your combined experience made what would have been a daunting jobb on my own, quite painless.  As a first-time author/publisher, I wouldn't have known where to start onward to bestseller status!"

- Tameika Lewis, MD

International Bestseller

Devrah Laval - The Magic Doorway into the Divine

"I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the incredible work that you all do.
Not only are all of you patient, gracious, caring, you are also concerned about our needs and endeavour to
do whatever it takes to assist in making a campaign a success. We're thrilled that it became an nternational bestseller.

- Devrah Laval

International Bestseller

Charmaine Hammond - On Toby's Terms

"It is our pleasure to recommend Hasmark Services.  Our successful best seller launch of On Toby's Terms was such a positive experience, thanks to Hasmark. Not only was the team highly skilled, efficient and responsive, the team made this event virtually stress free (and fun!). From start to finish we knew our credibility, launch event and relationships with our partners were in good hands with Hasmark. I can't wait to work with them again!"

- Charmaine Hammond,
author bestselling book On Toby's Terms

International Bestseller

Jackie Lapin - Practical Conscious Creation

"Hasmark took my book, Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires, to #2 two on Amazon US --and by virtue also of climbing the charts in Canada--it can now be considered an international bestseller. Those are great bragging rights and a wonderful tool to support my marketing efforts. The Hasmark team is a dream to work with and they make everything easy! "

  -  Jackie Lapin,

International Bestseller

Linda Joy - Embracing Your Authentic Self

“Sending Big Love & Heartfelt Gratitude to the Hasmark Team – again! Not only did you bring my first book A Juicy, Joyful Life to #1 Hot New Release in two categories just last year now your amazing team has brought my newest book, Embracing Your Authentic Self to International Bestseller in three, yes 3, categories (Happiness, Personal Development & Motivational) in the U.S., Canada and Germany within hours of its release! As a publisher I want the best for my authors and working with your team is always a top-notch experience – from the quality and number of launch partners to the personalized service your team brings to the project. I hope you can feel my great big virtual hug embracing your entire team!”

- Linda Joy, Publisher


Lissa Coffey

"First of all, a huge heartfelt thank you for all your help with my Dharma book launch!  You made it very easy for me and I appreciate you so much! Thanks again for everything - you're the best!"

- Lissa Coffey, author: "What's Your Dharma? Discover the Vedic Way to Your Life's Purpose"


Beverly Flaxington

"I engaged Hasmark Services for my fifth book this year. I’d never done a bestseller campaign before. They were so attentive, so informative and able to find over 90 partners who participated in my launch with me. My book hit the bestseller list in one of the categories on the morning it was released. It’s a great team of responsive and dedicated people – thank you to everyone at Hasmark!"

- Beverly Flaxington, two-time bestselling and Gold-award winning author.

International Bestseller

Sondra Wright - 40+ and Fabulous

"HASMARK FAMILY... Thank you for your support, your kindness, your dedication; every piece of you that you contributed in making the 40+ and Fabulous launch a success! From start to finish, you were a JOY to work with and I think I'm going to really miss you guys ;-) All my best! "

- Sondra Wright, International Bestselling Author

International Bestseller

Sue Frederick - I See Your Soul Mate:
An Intuitive’s Guide to Finding & Keeping Love

"The good people at Hasmark Services were very thorough in fulfilling all the promises they made to promote my book launch. Because of their efforts my book I See Your Soul Mate soared to the top of the Amazon charts. I was especially impressed with the website they created and the copy they wrote to promote my book. Very well done!!"

- Sue Frederick, author of I See Your Soul Mate

International Bestseller

Gregory L. Hunt

"Hasmark Services helped Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night: What to Do When God Won't Answer reach international bestseller status on Thank you, Hasmark Team!"


Theodore Henderson - Author - "The Wisdom Compass"

"As a new Author it took almost two years from the beginning to finally publishing to get my book out.  Then the reality of having to fight through thousands of other authors and millions of titles started to dawn on me and I felt I would never be able to share my work with a significant part of the public.  However I was blessed to find Hasmark
Services and its outstanding team of professionals who worked with me by incorporating my ideas into their excellent system of book promotion and the result was an Amazon best seller in its category. As I continue to write and publish it gives me a tremendous amount of
confidence to know I have a partner that can give an fairly unknown author a great chance to share their work with the  general public. There is no doubt they were the difference between my book becoming a best seller or not."

- Theodore Henderson


Conversation is Sexy - Todd R. Reed

"I was very pleased with the work Hasmark did for my campaign. Not only did Conversation is Sexy make the bestseller list in two categories, but for several hours, it ranked above John Gray's Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Venus and Alex Comfort's Joy of Sex. The folks at Harmark are true pros and a pleasure to work with. Not only do they deliver...they do it with a virtual smile."

- Todd R Reed, The Conversation Coach 


Timothy Carroll - Don't Ever Give Up on Love

"The high level of diligence, courtesy and dedication I received from Hasmark Services is of great value to me. Its friendly persistence in coordinating the good intentions of others in getting the job done achieved International Best Seller status at for my book:- “Don’t Ever Give Up On Love – True Stories of Senior Romances”.  Thank you Hasmark friends and associates.  This is just the beginning.  "

- Timothy Carroll, Author


Shawn Edgington - The Parent's Guide to Texting, Facebook & Social Media

"Obtaining bestseller status makes all the blood, sweat and tears worth it, and Hasmark made it possible! The Parent’s Guide made #1 in Parenting, #1 in Technology, and #1 in Reference, and we hit bestseller status on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. "

-Shawn Edgington, Bestselling Author/CEO/Speaker, America's Leading Texpert & Cyberbulling Prevention Expert


Dr. Darren R. Weissman Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind

"I have two words that sum up my experience with Hasmark Services. International Bestseller! Judy and her entire Hasmark team are easy and fun to work with. Thank you for helping me to
share my passion with the world!"

-Darren Weissman

Click to play videoInternational Bestseller

Peggy McColl - Viral Explosions!

"If you are looking to have the best organization on the launch your book inot bestseller stratosphere, look no further than Hasmark Services"

- Peggy McColl, International Bestselling Author of Viral Explosions!

International Bestseller

Grace Ho - One Minute Feng Shui for Prosperity

Would you like to learn the secrets of Chinese emperors and Japanese Shoguns, and apply those secrets to transform your life? That is "Mental Feng Shui" for your personal success. Thousands of years ago, Chinese Emperors used Feng Shui to attract abundance and to create dynasty. Feng Shui Masters were treated like national security and treasure, because the enemy could steal the Feng Shui Master to attack the Emperor. Today, you can learn Feng Shui principles and philosophy from this book, and use Feng Shui for prosperity, relationships, and wellness. Good Feng Shui can program your mind for abundance. This book can be a powerful tool for those who do business with Chinese and Japanese clients and business associates, because you will understand Eastern philosophy that has been practiced in Asia, such as Tao and the principles of Yin and Yang.

International Bestseller

Laura Stack - SuperCompetent

"I highly recommend the online book campaign services of Judy O'Beirn and her team at Hasmark Services.  They were consummate professionals, delivered high quality results, and contributed greatly to the very successful launch of my newest book."

- Laura Stack, author, SuperCompetent

International Bestseller

Julia Rogers Hamrick - Choosing Easy World

"Judy O'Beirn and everyone on her team are fabulous to work with. I'm a stickler for people following through on what they say they're going to do, and the great people at Hasmark always deliver and then some. The vast number of details they keep track of with what seems like total ease is remarkable, and they don't miss a beat. I wouldn't have wanted to try and do a book campaign without their contacts, can-do attitude, energy and expertise!"

- Julia Rogers Hamrick, author of Choosing Easy World

International Bestseller

Jarrad Hewitt & Dee Wallace

"My experience with Hasmark was effortless, professional and friendly. I felt like I was working with a team that understood my message, understood me, and could deliver what I needed with grace. A beautiful, successful experience. Thanks, guys!"

- Dee Wallace  & Jarrad Hewitt

International Bestseller

Christine Louise Hohlbaum

"The folks at Hasmark Services are best-in-class for a reason. They go above and beyond to ensure your success. Their tireless efforts, along with their attention to detail, boosted not only my confidence, but my book sales, too. For anyone looking to smartly promote their book, Hasmark Services and their partners win, hands down!"

~Christine Louise Hohlbaum, author of The Power of Slow

International Bestseller

Shmirshky by E.

Hot flashes flashing you? Awake at 3 a.m.? Forgetting the names of your very own children? Don’t worry—E, the author of Shmirshky, understands how you feel.

Shmirshky is the first book of its kind: it delivers essential information about women’s changing hormones in a way that’s easy to understand, funny, and full of love! Your mother never had a book like this – though it’s not too late to give her a copy! Reading Shmirshky is like getting a big hug from a dear friend who is here to help.

Let’s face it, while gaining steam, perimenopause and menopause are still too rarely talked about in our culture. Shmirshky turns this taboo topic into an all-inclusive page-turner.
Whether you’re a woman who’s suddenly losing her keys, her temper, and her mind, or that woman’s partner, child, or friend, Shmirshky is for you.

Reaching out is IN. Suffering in silence is OUT.

International Bestseller

Think or Sink - Gina Mollicone-Long

Hasmark is absolutely brilliant at what they do. They deliver results above and beyond expectations. I highly recommend them.

-Gina Mollicone-Long, International Best-Selling Author  

International Bestseller

Master Your Workday Now! - Michael Linenberger

Hasmark’s team went the extra mile for me, finding and managing joint venture partners, keeping me constantly informed during the campaign, even staying up late nights during launch week to monitor sales rankings and follow up on mailings. My book made it to #1 in its category (Time Management) on Amazon, and it is still there three weeks after the launch, and I expect it to be there a long time. Hasmark is clearly the best in the business.

-Michael Linenberger

International Bestseller

Second Sight - Judith Orloff MD

" Judy and her staff are experts at garnering massive attention to a book. They have an incredible network and are a joy to work with! 

- Judith Orloff MD
Author, Second Sight


Your Amazing Heart - Edwin Lee, M.D., F.A.C.E.

Becoming a bestselling author takes passion, hard work, networking and a dedicated team, which is focused on getting you to the coveted honor of being bestselling author.  I could not have done it without the Hasmark team.  Thank you Hasmark for making my dream come true.

Edwin Lee, M.D., F.A.C.E.
Best Selling Author, Your Amazing Heart
Founder of the Institute for Hormonal Balance
Orlando, FL


Where Do We Go From Here? - L ynne Marie

"Judy and her team at Hasmark Services are absolutely fantastic to work with! I highly recommend the five star treatments you get with Hasmark.  Their all-inclusive service from web design to follow through is unparallel.  Hasmark is there to support you from the beginning of the project to end without missing a step.  I look forward to working with Judy and her team again.  "

- Lynne Marie, author of Where Do We Go From Here, audio CD


Peter Thomas - Be Great, The Five Foundations of an Extraordinary Life in Business - and Beyond

"Judy did a great job and it was such fun working towards the “Launch Date”. Her team is awesome. Do not ever hesitate to recommend Judy, and her team at Hasmark Services they really know what they are doing in marketing in this new viral world."

- Peter H. Thomas
Founder of Century 21 Canada and Life Pilot


Larry Crane - Love Yourself

"Thanks for a wonderful job on working on my book Love Yourself and let the other person have it your way. Your company is very professional."



Elisabeth Fayt - Paving It Forward

People spend more time choosing what they are going to wear in the morning than they do choosing how they will connect with people, how they feel or what they will accomplish. Pre-Paving is consciously choosing how you want to look, live and feel through every part of your day and every part of your life. You might say, "if only life were so simple." I say, "Yes, it is and I will prove it to you!


Charlotte Reznick, Ph.D - THE POWER OF YOUR CHILD’S IMAGINATION: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success

"Thank you a million times over for the fabulous work that Judy and the Hasmark team did. Jenn, Sandy, and Yvonne were amazing. Everyone worked their socks off to bring The Power of Your Child's Imagination to #1 status on Amazon in several categories. We even  achieved bestseller status on many international Amazon sites. What a coup! Their care, attention to detail, and round-the-clock work paid off big time.  I am most grateful for this wonderful launch."


Steve Sisgold - What's Your Body Telling You?

"Judy, Jenn, Yvonne and the team at Hasmark came though for me as promised. What's Your Body Telling You's success was absolutley enhanced by their skills and resources. I especially could feel their genuine desire and commitment to have my book be a bestseller, and it is!"


John Lennon Berteloot – Disaster Preparedness Made Simple

"Hasmark is very professional, knowledgeable and great at what they do. After using their services I am much closer to my goals. Thank you for your hard work on my behalf. "

- John Lennon Berteloot 


Victoria Moran – Living a Charmed Life

"I was in the best of hands with Hasmark Services. They took care of everything. I only had to check my sales numbers the day of the campaign and watch them go up and up."

- Victoria Moran, author of Living a Charmed Life



Ted Karam - Jumping on Water

"Judy and the Hasmark Team are truly amazing and a joy to work with! As a first-time author, I started out trying to build my own campaign. It looked simple on paper, but I quickly realized the massive amount of work involved.

Thankfully, Judy and her team came to my rescue. From making all the contacts, to sending out invitations, creating great promotional content, to coordinating and following up with all the partners, the Hasmark staff pleasantly, professionally and thoroughly took care of it all. As a result, on the day of the launch, Jumping On Water became an Amazon BestSeller.

I couldn't imagine attempting to do something of this magnitude without your incredible support!! Thank you all so much!!"

- Ted Karam, bestselling author of Jumping on Water


#1 on B&N

Harvey McKinnon & Azim Jamal, The Power of Giving

"Judy O'Beirn is one of the best in the business of internet book marketing.  Judy and her team put their heart and soul into your project to create the most extraordinary results." Thanks to their amazing team effort, our book “The Power of Giving” hit  # 1 on"



David Patchell-Evans - The Real Sexy, Smart and Strong; Living with Confidence

"My thanks for all your leadership talent to make my campaign a success.  Enjoy and become Sexier,
Smarter and Stronger than you already are

David Patchell-Evans
Founder & Ceo of Goodlife Fitness


Sarah Maria - Love Your Body, Love Your Life and

Judy and her team at Hasmark Services were absolutely incredible. They contacted numerous authors and experts to participate in my campaign. They handled all the details: the mailings, the follow-up, the thank-you’s - everything.  They organized and implemented the entire campaign. They were always available, day and night, to answer any questions and provide support. They were simply wonderful in every single way. I could not have asked for a better team to orchestrate my online book campaign. They were the absolute best!


Dr Stuart Hoffman & Sharon Penchina, I AM a Lovable ME!

"Thanks to You… We are a Best Seller!
I am proud to announce that as of last evening, "I AM a Lovable ME!" reached National Bestseller status on Amazon and so did "I Take a DEEEP Breath!" book and "Sleepy Time Messages" CD !!  I AM a Lovable ME! is the #1 Best Selling (4-8) Children book on AMAZON! And, #2 overall, just behind Harry Potter!
 We are incredibly humbled by the tremendous response from all of you that helped make this happen. We learned that this campaign reached sales from 60 different countries. This also made us an international Best Seller! Words cannot express our deepest appreciation and gratitude.



Lisa Reed, Divinely Blessed

“I really enjoyed working with Judy and the girls.  They work hard to take the guess work out of internet marketing.  When you are busy and have no time to spare they are the answer to your prayers. Judy and her team created a campaign for my book Divinely Blessed: A journey of light! The day we launched it became an Amazon,com Best Seller in the Near Death Experience category!”


Beth Greer, Super Natural Home

“Thanks for a very successful campaign. Super Natural Home hit #1 in 3 categories which is fantastic!”



Richard “Jaws” Kiel, The Kentucky Lion

Judy and her team did an extraordinary job in promoting my book “Kentucky Lion – The True Story of Cassius Clay’ an historic novel. They worked long and hard to do everything they could to try and make it a best seller.   We did hit the top ten list for historic biographies and historic romance.  I highly recommend their service.  “



Lauren Mackler, Solemate

“I’m very grateful for the hard work done by you and your team, and for helping Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life achieve international bestseller status within two days of the launch!”



Mike Robbins, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

"Judy and her team are wonderful to work with – fun, easy, passionate, knowledgeable, and effective.  They helped me put together a large and effective book launch campaign that reached about 4 million people – way more people than I could have reached on my own.  I highly recommend working with them – you will be very happy that you did"


Sandra Anne Taylor, Secrets of Success


Immaculee Ilibagiza, Led by Faith


Robert Holden, Success Intelligence

Iin co-ordination with Hay House Publishing,


Chip Cummings, Cashing In on Pre-Foreclosures and Short Sales

"#1 in THREE categories on Amazon! That sums up the incredible work by Judy and her team on driving “Cashing In on Pre-foreclosures and Short Sales” to best-seller status. The entire staff is easy to work with, very professional and communication with me and the partners is first-rate. Any author who is serious about having their book become a “best-seller” needs to have them on their team. They know this business better than anyone I’ve ever met."


Saskia Röell - A suitcase Full of Faith

"Judy and her team are phenomenal to work with. Their commitment, dedication and the love that radiated from their big hearts and souls to make this campaign a success were simply amazing! I am deeply impressed by Judy's team's  personal touch, enthusiasm and expertise from the beginning to the end. Thanks to HASMARK I  became a bestseller in several categories and hit #1 on Amazon's biographies memoirs/ travel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for launching A Suitcase Full of Faith into the world!"


Anat Baniel, Move Into Life

"It was a pleasure to work with Judy O’Beirn and her staff. Her email campaign helped bring, Move Into Life, The Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality, to #1 on Amazon in the category, Exercise and Fitness and an International Best Seller in four different countries.  Thank you Judy"


Ariane de Bonvoisin - The First 30 Days

"Judy and her team were an oasis of calm in the middle of the craziness of launching a bestselling book. They were professional, responsive and always optimistic and happy. I highly recommend them!"


Bill Bartmann – Bailout Riches! How Everyday Investors Can Make a Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar.

#1 International Amazon Bestseller. Bill Bartmann made it to #1 Bestseller status on and "Billionaire Secrets to Success", which launched in 2005 also became an Amazon bestseller.


Evelyn Brooks – Forget Your Troubles:  Enjoy Your Life Today

"Judy and her expert team really rocked the Amazon launch ... Everyone on the Hasmark team brought their expertise, warmth and caring to this campaign. I couldn't ask for a better group – they really deliver! And they make it so enjoyable and fun in the process. It was especially amazing to feel their cool and calm reassurances wash over me on the launch day... when my hair was on fire with last-minute details!"

– Evelyn Brooks
   Amazon bestselling author, "Forget Your Troubles: Enjoy Your Life Today"