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Sarah A LoBisco, ND
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September 6, 2017 –Barbara Gyura–Light of my Eyes: Nail

This book is our story. A piece of our life, exactly the way it is, how it happened. I am a mother, in the classical sense of the word. It is incredibly difficult to keep your sanity after suffering such a loss. I am convinced, unfortunately, that our tragedy could have happened in almost any health institution in this country. I trust that by publishing a reconstructed version of our tragedy, our readers can draw their own conclusions. And perhaps the actual characters of our story – this is my last ray of hope – will find their conscience. Perhaps.

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September 12, 2017 – Anca Dumitrescu – Journey, An Outlined Path to Fulfillment

How many times in our lives do we have to fall down the same hole before understanding that we can take another way?
Success and happiness do not happen by accident. People create their own success by choosing their thoughts and actions. My goal with this book is to help you understand how you can take control and achieve your goals.  I can tell you how, but I cannot do it for you.

This book is  about accomplishing whatever you want. You can do it because it is all in your power! You already have a great deal of wisdom, deep inside of you. What this book gives you is the map for your journey, a path that leads you to your very own treasure – your fulfillment.

This is your journey and I am just your humble guide. I am so happy and grateful that you have chosen to take this trip with me. Enjoy the journey to the life of your dreams!"

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September 19th - Joanne Ong – The Sun Within

The Sun Within: Rediscover You is the result of Joanne Ong’s analysis of her life so far, why and how “things” happened and the lessons behind challenges she faced. What she found was a correlation between spiritual teachings, latest scientific research and an array of “coincidences” to help her grow, learn more about herself and understand her purpose in this lifetime. Whether we realize it or not, we are all in control of our own lives. We each have The Sun Within us; we only need to awaken ourselves from our ‘auto-pilot’ programming to Rediscover Us, to realize our innate potential. Capability and ability to live the way that we were meant to live. Are you ready to change for the better?

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September 26th, 2017 - Dana Williams – Conversations in The Beauty Shop

18 years old and fresh out of beauty school, Hannah has dreamed of this day for as long as she can remember. She always loved people and has always loved messing with hair so it seemed the perfect job for her. When she gets a job offer in a small mountain town called Tall Pines, New Mexico, she packs up and moves in with her friend, Juanita and her son, Jack. As she begins this new chapter in her life, Hannah is plagued by self-doubt.

Hannah grows from her time in the beauty shop as it changes her perspective and attitude. The friends she has acquired share life lessons with her that help shape her into the woman she is becoming. After spending years working on her clientele, making lifelong friends, and building up her reputation in a small town, Hannah finally makes her dream come true when she opens her own Beauty shop with the intent to provide a safe place for people to come to feel cared for and loved.

Hannah finally finds love and while at one point it ends in heartbreak after discovering the man of her dreams still has feelings for his clingy ex-girlfriend, they were able to reconcile years later and start a family.

The Beauty Shop has healing powers for just about anything.

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October 10th, 2017 - David Richards – Whiskey & Yoga

What if I told you that you CAN have a life that is rewarding beyond your wildest dreams? More wealth, more fulfillment.  The financial freedom to live the life you’ve always imagined.  The landscape we’ve woven throughout our life’s experiences and the challenges we face in our thinking need a deep overhaul in order to clean the slate before we can tackle the large task of finding one’s life’s purpose.

With this book, I will help you learn what is holding you back, so you can ignite your passion and have a more fulfilling and meaningful life. No matter what your age or current circumstance, it is my hope to help you get there, through Whiskey and Yoga.

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October 17, 2017 – Inbal Hillel – 15 Stories, One Bob

15 Stories, One Bob is a never before seen book compiled of fifteen amazing stories written by students of Bob Proctor.  The author conducted inspirational interviews that formed the basis for this book. The interviewees all answer the same questions, and explain how they applied Bob’s methods and wisdom. They also share with us their fascinating life story; from recovering disease, disabilities, overweight, to dramatic changes and economic success.

This book is a theory in practice. read and discover new original ideas and get boost of motivation from 15 Ordinaries that doing everything needed to transform their life. This book is the result of the author’s love of surrounding herself with astonishing, like-minded people to get motivated and energized in her growing process of awareness. Inbal is offering the complete set of video interviews so you can get to know the people behind the stories in a separate package. Read and discover new and original ideas to get a boost of motivation from 15 Ordinaries that are doing everything needed to transform their lives.

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October 24th, 2017 - Wendy Ditta - THE MORE I LEARN, THE MORE I LOVE

We are all on this journey of life, and throughout this book I share some of my personal stories and experiences, as well as others about how I turned ego, frustration, and fear into love.

My intention and my hope is that this book will lead you to look within, and bring forth an awareness to being open and honest with yourself. Become authentically you. Surrendering my ego and judgement of others has allowed me to thrive in gratitude and forgiveness. Living a fulfilled life is about doing what you love through authenticity and joy. In searching for a deeper understanding through spiritual expansion, I graciously share my vulnerability and my deepest thoughts on how aligning my heart and my mind led to discovering the true beauty of life by reconnecting to self, and experiencing the openness of self-love and my awakened spirit. 

Through my shift and the sincerity in learning and understanding how judgement, self-love, ego, gratitude, and forgiveness has played a role in my life, I sincerely hope that my experiences will somehow help you expand your thinking and bring forth a new clarity and understanding to your own personal experiences.                                                 

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November 28th , 2017 - Claudia Alvarez Duarte – Being Grateful Rocks!

This book was made with the intent to teach children the benefits of being thankful for what they have. It is well documented by scientific studies and ancient scripts from all religions, that being GRATEFUL not only makes you feel wonderful, but also causes wonderful things to happen to you.

Postdata Scientifics discovered that giving thanks before going to bed can help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper, so this is a double bonus! Keep reading and you will discover that marvellous things can happen by just saying thank you for what you have. 

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